Today, warehouse is not just a storage facility, it is much more than that. Warehouse is a strategic tool in Inventory Management for organizations, whether they are manufacturing companies or distribution centers. It helps in monitoring the raw materials, the final products & other storage needs.

At KCPL, warehouse is a centralized location that helps in reduction of production gap. So we can receive, store and distribute products with much more ease, quickly and at much lesser costs.

Warehouse is also used for a very important activity called Customer Service. Customers become anxious about the delivery of the products as soon as they place their order. Having our own warehouse is advantageous here as we have ample stock of most of the products which help us quicken the delivery and reduce the time delays.

For a modern manufacturer like us, the warehouse has become an extremely critical component to achieve manufacturing excellence.

Material synchronization leads to huge efficiencies and cost savings, helping to enable adaptive operations, Lean manufacturing, Just-In-Sequence manufacturing, Just-In-Time inventory and other important initiatives.