Quality Control

Since its foundation, the KCPL Group has been dedicated to provide products that are reliable & are of the highest quality that will satisfy customers and gain their trust.

We have designated the thorough implementation of the Quality First principle, the practice of quality assurance from the beginning of production, and the promotion of quality control with full employee participation as basic quality assurance policies. We are committed to carrying out the Customer First principle in creating products.

Additionally, based on information collected by sales and technology departments from customers, we are continuously making efforts to enhance customer satisfaction in terms of quality, cost and delivery.

Our Quality Control team uses highly accurate instruments to conduct a series of measurements and on-site checks. With the help of such data, we verify the quality of products based on the criteria and tolerances, international regulations, safety standards and our extensive know-how of this industry. An incredible number of inspections, checks and reviews are performed at the KCPL facility before a product can be offered for sale. Ideally, the defects will be found and fixed before the products ever reach the hands of consumers

Our core concept is Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Its processes are as follows:

  • Plan: Evaluate the current processes and make plans to resolve the problems found
  • Do: Implement the plan and collect data for evaluation
  • Check: Study data to determine if the plan is achieving the desired results
  • Act: Communicate results and implement new procedures if successful