As an essential part of an automobile, the radiator’s demand hinges on growth of the automotive sector. Automotive radiators are used in all kinds of vehicles including passenger cars, LCV, HCV, Tractors and many more.
Our radiators offer most reliable performance even under the extremely demanding conditions. Our technological know-how and decades of experience help us provide unmatched quality, performance, reliability and accurate fitment.
Our radiators pass through stringent quality tests which help us maintain very high quality standard throughout our product range. We have faith in conveying the quality at an extremely right value that is critical to the beliefs and accomplishment of any organization

Types of Radiator

  • Single Pass - Single Row
  • Double Pass - Single Row
  • Single Pass - Double Row
  • Double Pass - Double Row


  • Cross Flow
  • Down Flow


  • Dimensionally accurate to fit your car model.
  • Use of Cladded Aluminum material for perfect Brazing of Cores ensuring no leak.
  • Fit and finish of the radiator checked with car frame, fan assembly and pipes.
  • Leak Tested at higher pressure capacity which ensures the quality delivered is exceptional.


An air condenser plays a vital and important role in your cars air conditioning and it is not the air conditioner but a part of the air conditioner system. Condenser works with other car parts for supporting the air conditioning system and we can therefore say this part is actually a sub component of the cooling system.
The function of a condenser is to provide efficient cooling to the passenger cabin by extracting heat from the hot refrigerant gas & rejecting it through condenser fins & cooling fans.

Features of KCPL Condensers

  • Our condenser are made with OEM grade material & specifications.
  • Our Equipment are specially designed and developed for an individual car model, as per their exact technical requirements.
  • They are pressure tested with industry specified standard.

Inter Cooler


An intercooler is a type of heat exchanger which cools the compressed gas from turbocharger & feed it to the engine, thereby increasing efficiency of engine which helps produce more power.
Whether your project requires Air-to-Air or Liquid-to-Air cooling, KCPL Intercoolers can provide a solution that handles the temperature ranges of practically any type of application. We have extensive experience designing and fabricating, intercoolers for cars.
When air is drawn into the turbocharger, boosted, and then forced into the engine, it gets very hot. And hot air isn’t as good for an engine as cool air. Therefore many turbocharged engines make use of an intercooler.
Our design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide industry leading expertise and technology at unmatched value. We utilize a wide selection of materials, manufacturing processes and technical resources to deliver world-class Charge-Air Coolers that perform to the highest industry standards.

Cooling Coil/Evaporators


The evaporator is one of the major components in the Air Conditioner of the car. The function of an evaporator is to absorb heat from car cabin by refrigerant. This refrigerant heats up and is passed through compressor, condesor and expansion valve before returning back to the evaporator.
We are manufacturer of cooling coils for car air conditioning applications. Coils can be designed & fabricated to meet custom specifications. They give better cooling and easy service in the field and require less refrigerant.
Standard and custom designed coil items are manufactured from superior quality aluminum to produce products that are corrosion resistive and can withstand high temperatures and variable weather conditions.
KCPL cooling coils are perfectly sealed & pressure tested with indistry standards. We provide Fit and Finish that is of OEM grade.